Saransk, Mordovia Republic Russia Federation




SARANSKNEFTEPRODUKT integrates one main refinery in Saransk region in Mordovia Republic, with a capacity allowing to process more than 15 MTA of crude oil. With its developed production and transportation infrastructure, (LLC SNP) ranks third in terms of crude hydrocarbons refining among the Russian refineries. The Enterprise’s share in the total volume of oil processed in Russia makes 5.5%.

The range of (LLC SNP) products includes over 100 types, many of which are entered into the list of the Russia’s top 100 goods. In 2009, the Refinery was awarded the Russian Federation Government Prize for great achievements in products quality enhancement.

Since the late 1990s, (LLC SNP) has been implementing a large-scale upgrading program. Over the past years, more than 20 major industrial facilities were built and revamped at the Refinery. Particularly, an up-to-date advanced oil processing plant, consisting of hydro-cracking, visbreaking and catalytic reforming units, was constructed.

In recent years, due to step-by-step upgrading of the industrial facilities, (LLC SNP) managed to significantly increase an oil processing depth and light products yield. In 2012, (LLC SNP) became one of the first Russian refineries, which fully converted to production of gasoline and diesel oil under the Euro-5 environmental standard

Our Company's plants have cutting-edge conversion and reforming capacities, and produce a wide range of high quality petroleum end-products. Our capacities in terms of engineering properties of our production and efficiency, we maintain a high standard . 


At SARANSKNEFTEPRODUKT, we are continuously upgrading our refining capacities quickly responding to the major market trends. While upgrading our refineries, our Company makes use of the cutting-edge technologies in order to improve the quality of its products and reduce the environmental impact. The Russian quality standards with specifications for engine fuels are available well ahead of schedule at all our refinery. We are also introducing at our refineries the specification of European standard. This will enable our Company to gain major competitive advantages, as well as an additional price premium for environmental friendliness and high quality of our products. Our Company intends to bring new engineering facilities into production and to optimize the production facilities in view of their commissioning. 2009


SARANSKNEFTEPRODUKT sells crude oil, gas and petroleum products in the domestic and international markets, driving optimal distribution of flows to fit the market and maximize net revenue. The Company owns crude oil and petroleum products transshipment facilities, as well as pipelines, which helps minimize transportation costs. We sell 70% of our products to Gazprom before feeding the export market. ?


SARANSKNEFTEPRODUKT produces a range of Petroleum products .

·  Straight run gasoline (naphtha);

·  Diesel fuel of Euro-5 standard (DT-L-K5);

·  Diesel fuel oil, virgin low-pour (D6), Diesel gas oil (D2)

·  Gas condensate distillates;

·  Coke;

·  LPG;

·  Aviation fuel; Colonial grade 54 (JP54), Aviation fuel; Jet A1

·  Granulated sulphur

·  Mazut

·  Urea


430005, Saransk,

Sovetskaya St., 7

Mordovia Republic

Russia Federation.

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